Grant Helps Spread Joy to Those in Need

Hope Blooms creates meaningful moments one bouquet at a time 

Inspiring hope, happiness and emotional healing through repurposed flowers. That is the mission of Hope Blooms, a local nonprofit dedicated to changing lives through small acts of kindness. Hope Blooms repurposes donated flowers and rearranges them into beautiful bouquets and delivers them to community members in need, all with the message, “You matter.” 

These beautifully arranged bouquets are delivered to those with long-term illnesses or in hospice care, residents living in nursing homes or assisted living, homebound seniors, as well as struggling mothers and families facing loss or difficult times.  

Our goal is to provide comfort and joy to people who need it most, and to offer a gentle reminder that even in dark times, hope blooms,” said Kelly Krenzel, Founder of Hope Blooms. 

In 2018, the FM Area Foundation awarded a $2,500 grant to Hope Blooms through the Community Building grant round, which funded the creation and delivery of 416 beautiful bedside bouquets, each crafted with repurposed flowers and arranged with care by volunteers.  

“Many of the recipients of Hope Blooms bouquets are vulnerable individuals living in our community, and often the last to expect such a simple act of kindness, making the gesture even more meaningful,” Krenzel said. “Every bouquet has the ability to lift spirits, stimulate peace for the healing and heavy hearted, and remind those who feel forgotten that they matter.” 

The grant from the Foundation helped Hope Blooms carry out its mission by providing the funding for materials needed to create meaningful moments for those gifted with the bouquets and the volunteers delivering them. 

“These moments are filled with warmth, smiles and tears generated by joy and love, said Krenzel 

Foundation awards a $2,500 grant to Hope Blooms to create 416 beautiful, bedside bouquets.