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Homeward Animal Shelter Receives Grant for Veterinary Care

Homeward Animal Shelter is a local and community-funded animal shelter. Its mission is “Rescue. Shelter. Protect. Rehome.”

Each year, hundreds of animals come into the care of the Homeward Animal Shelter needing veterinary care at the time of arrival. Basic veterinary care, such as vaccinations and examinations are performed on all animals, along with any necessary testing. In addition, all animals six months and older are spayed/neutered, if not already done, and any animal with a medical condition receive the necessary treatment they need.

One example of this, is a little dog named Cedric, who had a major hip problem that required an expensive surgery to repair. This grant not only covered the cost of Cedric’s surgery, but also allowed several other animals to receive the vaccinations, medications, and medical care they needed during a one month time period.

From a dog wandering in a ditch, lost and scared, to a beloved family pet relieved of pain in his leg, Cedric truly is one lucky little guy!